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My first book in english : Baklava to Tarte Tatin

Baklava to tarte Tatin is available in every book shops over USA and United Kingdom, also on Amazon!


  1. Yesterday, my computer stopped working. We have been expecting it for some time now, but you get sort of complacent when it just keeps on chugging, then suddenly, all your photos disappear, photoshop is gone, and your whole week of blogging goes up in smoke. Such a nightmare. Viet Hoa

  2. Awesome! Now I know which book to offer to my English-speaking friends!!
    Thank you Bernard for all those delicious recipies, looking forward to the third book in French!!!

  3. Thanks for all the awesome recipes so far, Bernard!

  4. thank you so much for s looking these amazing recipies, specially pasta with mushrooms wallnut is looing yummy, i am gonna bookmark your blog for further updates, keep posting.

  5. As for me, Baklava is a too sweet dessert. I prefer something like Pavlova maybe. Light and soft, a bit sour and with a lot of fruits. And maybe a bit of chocolate. It really help me, when my brain is boiling because of countless companies reviews I need to check. But I do really hate the fatty crams and too sweet cakes.

  6. Everyone should think more while reading these articles.

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  8. What a way to approach. Have you heard of such stories? If so, great. Thanks !


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