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Starters & Meals recipe index

Liège wafles

I’ve been struggling for years, every time I walked by a Liege waffles stand, I thought it was not reasonable and just walked away. When I finally got my waffle maker, I devoured the equivalent of all those years of intense privation!! Finally! They are so delicious, rich and soft, with all that sugar caramelizing on the top, I almost didn't feel guilty I just couldn't resist. Of all the waffles, they're my favorite. With the butter in it, it's not surprising! I made my waffles with a professional waffle maker, but of course you can make them in a classic one.

Greek salad

The Greek salad actually doesn’t exist in Greece. It’s just like the Cantonese rice in Canton. There is however always a salad at the table with at least feta and tomato and it's just a salad for them. Then, you can add anything you want. The key (as in any other recipe) is to choose good and ripe vegetables. To make sure the salad is fresh, I place the vegetables in the refrigerator for at least an hour or two before preparing it (since it only takes 5 minutes to make it). With just salt, pepper and a good olive oil, it's a fresh, colorful and super tasty dish!

Shrimps Kritharoto

I am back from a fabulous culinary travel in Greece, on the Tinos Island – Cyclades, travel that I will share with you all really soon. On the way back I stopped at Athens where I ate a delicious meal: the shrimp Kritharoto, which I made in the workshop as soon as I got back. Visually, it’s kind of complicated to take a picture that makes it look good, but the taste is just awesome! Trust me, especially if you like shrimps. For the first time in my blog, I used ourzo pasta, which has really different names according to where it comes from. The preparation looks like a risotto one, with a tasteful broth.

Creamy broccoli salad

A simple, fresh and delicious salad! I love broccoli, in all its forms. I made this version based on a recipe tasted in the United States at Whole Foods. With a creamy garlic dressing, slightly sweetened, sunflower seeds, cranberries, chia and raisins, it will have its entire place on a buffet, or to accompany a dish on a beautiful day! 


This is an incredibly good recipe made in a particular context. I crossed paths with the cuistos migrateurs two years ago and we made a promise to do something together someday. The cuistos migrateurs (Migrant cooks) employ refugee cooks, who prepare dishes from their country. I love world cuisine (I think you already got it!!!) and their company sounded very innovative and deeply human to me. All the recipes they offer are delicious and I had the opportunity to test this fabulous keshke made by Faeeq from Syria. So it is with him that I propose this dish made with yoghurt, bulgur, walnuts and mint, which will be a perfect first course, or aperitif in our case.

Blue cheese, raisins and walnuts savoury cake

This recipe is part of the new ones from my books. But I really wanted to share with all of you this delight from my third book “Je n'en ferai qu'une bouchée”. Everybody has made savoury cakes at least once, and I made several tries, back in time, in order to obtain the proportions that pleased me for a soft dough, but in which the ingredients don't fall to the bottom of the mold. I propose you this delicious version with blue cheese (Saint Agur in this case), walnuts and raisins. You can diversify by adding cranberries, dates or even another kind of nuts!

The Ultimate Lemon Cake

I have several recipes for loaf cakes on my French blog. They will soon arrive here! All of them have different textures, and I think there’s something for everyone. But the other day, at friends, I tasted a lemon loaf–a revelation! It was the lemon loaf I had dreamed of and aspired to achieve. I was determined to recreate its perfect consistency: it holds together even when sliced thinly, and remains moist even when exposed to air. I also wanted the cake not to rise too much and retain a geometrically regular shape, as this one does in its rectangular mold, without forming a large bump as it rises.
I had been wondering for ages how to achieve this texture and I already had some ideas. And when I tasted the cake that evening, I resolved to reproduce it.

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